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Why Vegan Fitness

Vegans Are Not Weak, Unless They Don't Exercise

Integrated Athletic Systems is all about the intersection of Fitness + Health = Wellness.

This is holistic in spirit, and based on a plant based diet -- veganism. We care about you and our planet's fellow citizens, some of whom we call animals. we do this through personal training, vegan health, for Aspen in Basalt  and  athletic training, vegan fitness, in Basalt in Carbondale. No animal needs to die for our continued existence. Contact  Integrated Athletic Systems in Basalt. 

Whatever your fitness, health and wellness goals are, start with Integrated Athletic Systems

Your workout plans, may take you anywhere, from the gym to the wilderness. There is no room for boredom. These plans are for those who dream of being in life, doing something besides sitting in some machine.

There is no substitute for success

Get something out of life! Call now for fitness and workout plans that have you living.


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Indoor gym training is done at The Gym 82 Duroux Lane Basalt CO 81621.

Integrated Athletic Systems

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