Athletic Skill Set Training - Wayne overcomes scleroderma - Being In Life in Aspen

Wayne P. has scleroderma. This autoimmune pathology can devastate quality of life, preventing a person driven to succeed, from going forward. Still, with training, and the right medications, miraculous medical results can happen. Wayne has done this. 

Functional Training

Here 82 year old Norman B. manages angular momentum. Enhancing and maintaining this ability allows one to be independent and able to participate in life. This requires balance, agility and quickness. All together, this is how one can train to prevent devastating falls. Norman and I also go to Aspen physics lectures. That is being in life in Aspen!

74 Y.O .Eric S.doing 265lbs

Strength Training is one part of Athletic skill set training in Basalt. Here Eric S. lifts 265 pounds at age 74, with artificial knees! Eric lifts for fitness, not a buzzer. There is a difference! What is important here is getting the wrists below the knee. Buzzers are for weightlifting competition, signaling that a set range or exact form for a lift is used. Not all lifts are in competition. Sometimes with artificial joints, full range is not possible, or even advisable.

FitVeganAthlete deadlift 325

Here, I show that utility is more important than getting into a particular depth, when it comes down to fitness. My P.R. from the floor is 405 lbs. The training you get, doesn't always adhere to lifting rules, but always adheres to fitness enhancement. Lifting, or resistance training, is a PART of fitness and functional training, not all of fitness. 

A successful punch combination

Andrew S. has one of his first successful punch combinations. As with all real sports, foot placement is critical. Correct foot placement allows coordinated action to take place, that means agility!


The FitVeganAthlete takes starts with Johnny from EYP (Embrace Your Performance). Being quick is very important for almost all sports. After quickness, then top speed, cuts, turns and jumps begin to matter. Quickness also matters in maintaining balance, agility, coordination. Being quick, also helps keep your reflexes sharp.